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Truck service Kursenai, Siauliai district

Working in the field of logistics, freight transport drivers per month overcome thousands of kilometers and take delivery of many valuable cargo at the right time on their responsibility. Experience and professionalism of driver play a significant role in achieving high-quality results, but we can not underestimate the significance of technical condition of vehicles. Vehicle repair and technical maintenance workshop - the place, where it is necessary to come in regularly for preventive vehicle inspection or with suspicion of possible resulting breakage. It increases the guarantee, that during the trip unpleasant incidents will not happen, the consequences of which in this area are very serious: starting with violation of the contractual terms of cargo delivery and the monetary losses, related to it, and ending with damaged cargo during the accident and the threat to human health and life.
In UAB Tanklita workshop the most common breakages of cargo vehicles are eliminated and their technical maintenance is carried out. We know, that work quality, price and duration are important for you - our experienced highly skilled mechanics, with the help of professional repair equipment, are ready to implement these wishes.

Our truck mechanics:

  • truck service kursenai siauliu raj mount, glue and repair tires;
  • change the oil;
  • performs black metal, stainless steel, aluminum welding works;
  • repair air systems;
  • change cranes;
  • perform the working part repair;
  • regulate the engine valves;
  • change the silent blocks;
  • change and regulate the pintles;
  • clinch the friction linings of brake pads;
  • carry out auto electrical repair works.

Did cargo vehicle break? Is it the time to assess prophylactically its technical status? Mechanics from UAB Tanklita as soon as possible will remove diagnosed breakages and provide professional consultation on all questions, related to freight transport technical maintenance. And you will be able to start a trip without driver or cargo security risk!