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Transportation of liquid food loads with tank lorries

skystu maistiniu kroviniu vezimas2

Liquid food loads - products in liquid form, which are themselves or as additives used in the food industry. It is milk and other liquid dairy products, juices from a variety of berries and fruits, syrups, various types of refined oil, vinegar, alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, brandy, vodka, cider and other), food supplements in liquid form, and a variety of other products. Each group of liquid food products has certain storage requirements, ignoring which, the products lose their useful properties and become unsuitable for consumption. For interested parties it means substantial financial losses, breaches of contracts signed and other related consequences. Food products are closely related to human health, due to it the liquid food load transportation is vigilantly monitored not only by legislation, regulating the transportation, but also the strict hygiene standards.

UAB Tanklita offers transportation service of various liquid food cargo in tank lorries in Lithuania and other European countries. We have high-quality inventory, complying with the technical and hygiene requirements, providing opportunities for safe transportation of the goods to the customer’s specified location.

Our tank lorries:

  • have various capacity;
  • manufactured from a material, non-reactive with the transported liquid food products;
  • with special equipment, so you can quickly take and pump out the goods transported;
  • can be integral or have several separate sections, providing opportunities for the transportation of different cargoes together;
  • with the load heating and its temperature maintenance possibility (thermal insulation);
  • with strong covers, protecting cargo from leaking;
  • with special markings;
  • suitable for transportation of perishable products;
  • clean and sterile - thoroughly cleaned tanks and trucks after each load transportation.

Are you interested in it? Please contact us or fill query form for transportation of liquid cargo. Depending on properties of the transported liquid food cargo, we will choose the best transportation option and in accordance with the agreed time frame, we will transport safely to your specified location.